Lottery Singapore

Lottery Singapore

With the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, Singapore’s gamblers are back in action and setting new records for lottery and sports betting. According to the statutory body Tote Board, more than SGD9.2 billion (US$6.8 billion) was wagered on lottery games and sports this past financial year, an increase of 43% from the previous year.

Lottery is a popular form of gambling around the world and Singapore’s no exception. It’s legal to play and the prizes are often substantial. However, minors are not allowed to participate in the lottery and people can only buy a ticket from a licensed seller.

The main operator of the Singapore Pools is a state-owned lottery subsidiary company called Singapore Pools (Private) Limited. The company operates a variety of online and physical lottery games, including 4D and Toto. It also offers sports betting and is the sole bookmaker for association football and motor racing.

The most popular lottery game in Singapore is Toto, which was introduced on the market in 1968 and is held by the government-owned Singapore Pools. Its jackpot prize varies based on the amount raised in a single draw and is often more than a million dollars. Tickets can be purchased from Singapore Pools outlets and national authorized retailers, and the results are announced every Wednesday. The minimum price of a Toto ticket is $10, but you can win more than that by matching all the winning numbers. In addition to the Toto, you can also play games like 4D and Singapore Sweep.